The Doors On Jay Leno. TV?

For those that know me well, you can vouch for my distaste and therefore very restrained if never present, television viewing. But somehow I found myself bouncing off the walls of my living room with TV on and the Leno teaser says The Doors. As I previously blogged about this highly unusual reunion or rebirth, i was compelled to refrain from writing, blogging or playing my guitar and watch Jay big chin Leno promote The Doors.

So they performed Light My Fire. Truly a classic. But truly a bit dated. There’s Ian Asbury of The Cult Fame in his leather jacket. big rock necklace and dark wrap around shades to complete the I Wish I Was; or I’m Trying To Be, But I’m Not, Jim Morrison. Manzarek with some scarf tied around his neck from what I believe to be a reject of the Andy Warhol era; and Robby Krieger who I”m just not sure. I was indifferent. At one point feeling sorry. At another wondering what time warp I was reeling from. Hey. But give them credit. They’re trying. To be sure. TV is not the venue for this tune; nor this band. So do I go to Universal Ampitheatre and see this band stumble or radiate through a live performance? Or do I wait for Elvis? God, if this is what’s happening to early 70’s bands, I just hope no one tries to bring back Journey or REO Speedwagon. Rather, maybe these guys are already relegated to the State Fair tour. I’m going to hold further judgement till I have a chance to see these legends play a real gig. Till then, keep them off TV. It won’t sell concert tix or CDs.

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