Mickey Mouse Enslaved & Censored. Gives Exclusive Reason Interview.

If you've been following some of the blogs in my blogroll and a plethora of others you undoubtedly are aware of the Supreme Court's final ruling on Eldred. Info here, here and here. Like most, I'm disappointed in the decision. Just when you think you're two steps forward, you gotta take ten back. The decision has rippled through the online community and affected plenty. tears have fallen, fists beaten on desks and words flung like swords. Much like the le Carre's piece I wrote yesterday, sometimes you need to take a deep breathe and live a little lighter. So I gotta thank Jesse Walker of Reason for his Interview with Mickey Mouse.

[…] Mickey's own reaction to the decision was less enthusiastic. Telling his keepers that he was going on an “ice run for the boss,” the mouse made his way to a dive bar a few miles outside Disneyland, where he gave reason an exclusive interview […]

It's a great history lesson. And a fun way to look at the issue. Aren't we supposed to be having fun here?

[…] In 1971, for instance, Dan O'Neill got me a part in something called Air Pirates Funnies. It was great: I got to have sex, I got to use drugs, I got to explore the whole underground comix scene. It was liberating […]