I’m up much earlier today than yesterday, but I’m going to spend time this morning gathering those loose items I through into my top box and stuffed into pockets and cavities on my or the bike before leaving John’s yesterday. Today’s plan is simple. Get to Crater Lake and then move toward’s Bend, Oregon where I will adore three sisters. Mountains that is. Faith. Hope. And Charity.

Back is a little sore this morning. Don’t know if it was the hotel mattress of the nearly 300 miles of riding yesterday. I’d like to think the former. We’ll see.

Just a note on the packing. Leaving Southern California on July 6, I had a tank bag and a seat bag. The seat bag is a low profile, but expandable bag that sits on the seat behind me. I have a dry bag where I keep my gore-tex liner for the riding suit for easy access if the rain comes pouring down. Also in this bag I keep walking shoes, my electric vest and a few layers of clothing. On the first leg I had this sitting on top of the seat bag. Unfortunately on Day 2 of the journey it just didn’t feel right. So I blew it off. So I’m minus a couple storage places which will reduce my temptation to fill them up.

On to Crater Lake. See you there! Ok?