Rome Red Eye

The flight from Orange County to Newark was uneventful save the fact that I had barely two hours sleep the night before. Out of a restless sleep I popped up vertical like a jack in the box the second the obnoxious alarm pierced the silence of the room. On the plane the passenger sitting next to me, amazed at my ability to sleep the entire flight, says, “you did this flight right,” I agreed. “They checked several times to see if you were breathing.”

I hooked up with my friend Tim in Newark and we took an incredibly easy red eye flight landing in Rome at 7:30AM. I was amazed at how simple the customs procedure is in Rome. No papers to fill out, no questions at immigrations about the nature of my trip to Italy and a quick stamp on the passport and I’m in baggage claim. Gathering my bag I’m out the exit door and in the taxi line. No one checking my baggage or asking more questions. Nice.

Photo: Shot by Tim from a Boeing 777 as the sunset over New Hampshire enroute to Rome Tuesday night.