Back From Italy, but… On The Road Again.

It's a whirlwind. I'm now sitting safely, so to speak, in Orange County. Home from Rome, Tuscany, Italy & Newark. But not for too long.

The apocalyptic skies drenching silvery streams of ash. Kinda looks like snow here. My throat more than tickles from the foreign object in gestation. Wildfire. It's sad. It's a bit scary.

Then there's my friend Mark. Shows up from SFO on his Triumph Tiger (motorcycle) only to discover his swing arm is cracked. Thereby delaying my next adventure by several hours. I'm going to have to leave and he'll catch up to me.

Where you ask?

I'm off to Mexico. To Copper Canyon. It's in the state of Chihuahua in the Western Sierra Madre. I'm taking a lot of hits and nudges from fellow bloggers and friends. Since September I've barely been home for more the 7 days. But that's not the point. This adventure, like my Wyoming excursion, will be on motorcycle. The bags are packed. I'm ready to go. But the 8 freeway just north of the Mexican border at Tecate is closed. North of me the fires have jumped the freeway and are wreaking havoc on both sides of the 15.

Me? I can only blame it on our new governor-elect. Ok. So that's not fair nor reasonable. But I've been planning this Copper Canyon dual-sport adventure motorcycle tour for a few months now. What's it mean? I'll barely be able to blog. In fact, I may not find access to the internet until the latter part of the trip when we'll cross the Sea of Cortez and take the journey home through Baja California.

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