Belem, Brazil: A Final Photo Essay

With my bike safely crated and cleared from Brazilian customs, I got to spend a few more days riding a light enduro Yamaha through the narrow streets lined with colorful colonial buildings of Belém. Alex and Marden provided the continuing entertainment and Belém experiences: wandering the maze of vendors that make up the kinetic and frenetic Ver o Peso market, restaurants, motorcycle club gathering, nightclub with live music and more.

I’ve also been frantically trying to find out how to get my Apple MacBook Pro serviced in either Brasil or Argentina. Ever since that night in Canoa Quebrada I’ve been unable to download photos, write blog or upload blog posts, or share some of the fantastic images I’ve captured on my journey wiht my new friends in Belém. So far e-mails from authorized service facilities in Brasil have been disappointing. The chances of finding an LCD display for my computer in South America just might be impossible. But I remain positive that I can get this computer fixed prior to heading to Africa.

As I labor to catch up with the posts and blog of my journey, I find it difficult to find the words and craft the paragraphs that could express the richness of my experience, the friendliness of the people and the hospitality of Alex and his family and friends. So I will take the lazy way out and provide you with a quick photo essay of some of my fun times in Belém with the best I can do at captioning.

As I said to Alex, André and Marden as we hugged our goodbyes outside the security gate at the airport: I will be back to my home in Brazil sometime real soon! Thanks guys!

Veropeso Above
The historic, colorful and always exciting Ver O Peso market along the Amazon in Belem, Pará.

Belem Amazona Fruitcart
The market is a vibrant kaleidoscope of people, colors and energy.

Belem Amazona Flourgirl

Veropeso Crabgirl
This woman of the Amazon with the beautiful smile will likely spend many years working the Ver O Peso market.

Veropeso Coke Lady
This woman has already spent most of her life here at the Ver O Peso market.

Belem Cocanut Stand
Fresh coconut juice from the source.

Veropeso Peppergirl
Would you buy peppers from this woman? Morena of the Amazon?

Natural Products Belemmarket
The full array of natural products using ingridients from the Amazon. Want an aprhodisiac? Viagra? Everything you need or want can be found at Ver O Peso!

I joined the Belem branch of the worldwide Abutres Motorcycle Club for an asado (bbq) one night while in the Amazon.

Andre Drinking Soup
I wish I could remember what this unique soup with shrimp and a leafy spice found in the Amazon. It’s a traditional dish indulged by indigenous Amazon tribes. For me it was a bit tart, but certainly tasty and something everyone should try. Andre shows how you eat the soup.

Fish Head Amazon
Head of State.

Marden Alex
Marden and Alex. Two views. With moto and with wine.

Marden Alex Wine

Market Horns
Horns if you’re horny.

Allan Alex Loja
Outside Alex’s family’s motorcycle shop in Belem.

Goodbye Belem
The last goodbye at Belém International Airport. Me, Andre, Alex and Marden! I will return soon to visit my friends and my home in Brasil