Friday. The Road To Bahia de los Angeles.

I forgot to mention San Ignacio, where I had lunch before continuing to Bahia de Los Angeles. It’s a quaint small village a few miles off the crazy Mex Route 1. Though smack in the middle of Baja I felt the tropic vibe as I rode through nearly 2,000 date palms and by a lagoon. The town’s square is punctuate by a late 1700,s church made of huge volcanic rock slabs that sits on a town square where wheeled vendors cell tacos, mariscos and goods. There’s a peacefulness to this town that would rarely be seen through the rest of Northern Baja.

Photos: (1) Lost among the huge date palm plantation on the road to San Ignacio (2) Chilling at sunset as full moon hangs above Bahia del los Angeles.