Searching in Sweet Sucre for Energy

Sucre Welcome Aerosur Bolivia

After my nap we went shopping for a new battery for my bike. After nine months of non-operation I was sure the battery was dead. But this task turned out to be more than a challenge than I expected. Motorcycle travelers in South America told me there’d be no problem finding a battery. In fact I was told many of the bikes used to deliver pizza and other goods all used the same battery. We found one with the right specs, but the positive and negative terminal posts were in the wrong position. The battery compartment in my bike is extremely tight. And there’s not a lot of room for cables nor extra cable length. After visiting three battery distributors we gave up and agreed that we’d simply jump start the bike tomorrow. And if all else failed, take it to get charged and then move on.

My bike was so close. Yet still two hours away in Potosi. Tomorrow will be a drive through arid central highlands of Bolviia to the highest city of the world. I certainly hope Doc starts up.

Jorge and my new friend Dhery are very prominent players in Bolivian television. Jorge is the general manager for more than a half-dozen stations throughout Bolivia. Business had him stuck in Tarija, a mid-sized Bolivian city about 10 hours to the south. Dhery runs the station in Potosi. After a quick walk around my hotel, I headed to Dhery’s station where I was given the grand tour and introduced to the staff.

In Joy Rides Cafe, a hip restaurant, cafe and bar run by Dirk, a Dutch motorcyclist who had met several other moto travelers I’ve been in contact with in the past, I shared a Bolivian white wine with Dhery and his wife Christina while swapping moto stories with Dirk.

Atb Canal Sucre Dhery Sucre
(l) One of the studios and talent at ATB in Sucre, Boliva (r) Dhery Prieto, my guide, procurement legend and driver until Doc rides again!

Tomorrow is the big day. Two hours to Potosi. And caution to the wind, I hope Doc starts and I don’t get stage fright trying to ride it back to Sucre!