Southeast Asia Dreaming & Reflection

I've been sporadically following Dervala Hanley's escapades through Southeast Asia since Liz pointed me to her blog a couple weeks ago. I was sad to hear of her motorbike accident where she broke her hand in three places. But I'm addicted to her great story telling, the occasional political jab and colorful word pictures she paints of a very beautiful part of the world. Today I learned she's in Cambodia and still having some problems with that hand. But the amazing feat here is Dervala keeps on blogging — with one hand!

Reading Dervala instills a sense of longing for travel in my soul. I've trekked, motorbiked, hiked, dove and climbed my way throughout the rice paddies, volcanoes, coral reefs and jungles of the Indonesian archipelago on two lengthy excursions. The terrorist bombing of the Sari Club in Bali in October hit me extra hard. Nearly 200 dead. And while it pained me to find a Hard Rock Cafe in Kuta Beach on my last visit; the magic of Bali hadn't yet been spoiled. This bombing marked the end of a certain innocence for Bali and the travelers who seek the contentment this innocense offers. But I will go back.

My curiosity and wanton for travel is peaked by Cambodia and Vietnam. Southeast Asia Travel Bug v.3.0. Might be time to invest time.