Speaking Spanish.

I did it. Made a promise to myself many moons ago that I'd tighten up my Spanish proficiency. After all, it's likely that more than 50% of the Southern California population speak Spanish. I can get by. But I really want to dig in and become fluent. Conversational.

Did what? I signed up for a “Speed Spanish” class at a local community college. At $59 not a bad investment. It takes place once a week for five weeks. Each class is three hours. Not sure if 15 hours will get me where I want to be. But I'm doing it.

Where do i want to be? Well, truthfully I'm taking this class not only to fulfill my own promise, but also for what may turn out to be an extended journey through South America sometime next year. Stay tuned. My TravelBlog always gets interesting.

Oh, yeah. Travel. I've scheduled a quick trip to Portugal with my good friend Tim. You may remember reading of our antics last fall when we roamed the amber and umber hills of Tuscany in search of the great grape. This time I think we'll be looking for Port. Perhaps Sherry. We'll see.

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