Two-Wheeled Roaming.

The streets of Rome are narrow, busy, noisy and fast. There are so many different modes of transportation that we never see in the United States. Much like any crowded metropolitan city, whether Europe, Asia or South America, the objective is to move fast to and from your destination no matter the danger. In Rome there are tens of thousands of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles. But clearly scooters take up the bulk of this two-wheeled population. Fortunately most Romans wear helmets, and unlike Southeast Asia, when male riders carry their female passengers the woman straddle the saddle rather than sit sideways with both feet dangling on one side. Or course this can be a challenge for an Italian lady traveling to dinner on a Friday night dressed to kill like one lady we saw with fishnet stockings kneww high boots and a tiny black slit skirt. The scooter was modern in its aerodynamic design, but it was the girl that was racy.