Every Person Tells A Story.

Everybody has a story. Everybody is a story. Everybody tells stories. And this is what I love about humanity. Sure. Sometimes the stories are sad, happy, boring, nasty or simply mediocre. But[ … ]

The Seduction of Mars.

Are men from mars? Then what's with mother earth? Stupid book titles? All wrong. But tonight we sit under the Southern Californian sky with Mars glowing and showing all she's got in her[ … ]

Speed & The Porsche Personality

For years I've held true to my conviction that I'd never own a Porsche. It's not that I don't find them suitable examples of German automotive engineering. I know Porsche as[ … ]

Words. Writing. And Reading.

I love reading. Blogs. Newspapers. Books. Personal letters. And magazines. Writing has the ability to move you, make you smile, laugh out loud and even tear. For me it's all of these things and[ … ]

Looking For The Summer.

It's raining in Newport Beach. It's July. According to my best calculations, summer started about 2 weeks ago after a miserable spring and horribly gloomy May and June. At the car wash the[ … ]

The Wisdom Of Dentistry And Extraction.

Visited my passionate dentist Dr. Wally today at 4:30pm. He's been excited to remove my wisdom teeth. Keep in mind I've had these teeth for my entire life. There part of my body. They came[ … ]

Hibiscus Update.

Stop and take some cuttings from the flowers. I made two trips down the street in an effort to put a pace to the neighbor who left the nice note in my mailbox. The first time carrying a couple[ … ]

Stop For The Flowers. Meet Your Neighbors.

It usually happens around midday. You know. Three-ish. I saunter out to my mailbox and grab the daily does of junk, checks (hopefully), bills and letters (ideally) from the mailbox. It's a[ … ]

Faces and Places.

Sometimes it's just worth walking. Truthfully. Today, as I ticked off the tasks on my to do list I found myself in line at the local branch of my business bank. The line shuffled smoothly save[ … ]

Life & Death. Real Life Drama From My Window.

About a month ago when I returned from one of my recent journeys I was happy to hear the sweet droning and cooing sound of a pair of doves out my window. I'd look out and find them perched[ … ]

Monkey Spanking Happening, Only In SFO

Now I have seen everything. For the city with more parades and “cultural events” than nearly any other in the US – perhaps the world, this has to rank as one of the most curious[ … ]

One Year Anniversary.

I've received a reminder from Userland Software: my Radio subscription expires in 43 days. This means just over a month till my one year blogging anniversary. Let's start the party planning[ … ]

Greatest All Time Quotes?

This is, if you're into quoting dictators. And a few others thrown in for color. Thanks to Brownbelly for some excellent research, wisdom and inspiration in pulling together our Saturday[ … ]

Making Morning Coffee

Technology is a great thing. Even aging technology. Take coffee makers, for example. Perhaps these days we should call them brewers. Nonetheless, I've opted in recent years for the type of[ … ]


Life is funny. I love life. You'd be hard pressed to find me anytime without a big smile and happy “excellent” expression. It's an icebreaker. In this way, I'm typically[ … ]

Back In Newport

Sunrise 6:09am (10 minutes ago) Back Bay Newport Beach, California. Ahhhhhh. Good to be alive and awake.

Jack Drama?

Best actor? Jack Nicholson. In About Schmidt. Many bloggers panned this flick. Even Jack thought it was a comedy?