Words. Writing. And Reading.

I love reading. Blogs. Newspapers. Books. Personal letters. And magazines. Writing has the ability to move you, make you smile, laugh out loud and even tear. For me it's all of these things and more. And sometimes I come across a sentence, paragraph or entire piece from somewhere I'd least expect it that simply makes me smile at the writing or the composure of words itself.

Such a thing happened to me today in The New York Times. Oddly enough I discovered it an article about the death of Uganda's brutal dictator Idi Amin.

[…] For much of the 1970's, the beefy, sadistic and telegenic despot had reveled in the spotlight of world attention as he flaunted his tyrannical power, hurled outlandish insults at world leaders and staged pompous displays of majesty. […]

Where else can you combine “beefy, sadistic and telegenic despot” in a sentence. And it just goes on from there. The full article written by Michael Kaufmann is here (free registration required).

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