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I've been getting a lot of email regarding my photo essays-to-music posts of the past. So I'm providing a pointer here to an essay (4.9 MB QuickTime) created this summer at Joseph Phelps[ … ]

Aussies Looking to Buy France

According to Barron's, Australian beverage giant Fosters is looking to invest or buy French or European wine brands. Foster's just a few years back bought Beringer Wine Estates which[ … ]

1990 Bordeaux – St. Emilion & Pomerol

Time to see how the right bank Bordeaux are holding up. A great dinner and tasting held in San Rafael with Al, Mark, Peter and friends. Beyond Bordeaux we samples a few other tasty treats. Here are[ … ]

Red wine may halve risk of senile dementia

So I guess I'm not going crazy. The reports just keep flying through the news. Isn't it all what we know. Wine is good in moderation. And I always say, moderation in moderation, too! [added[ … ]

Good Ole Doc

Doc discusses the issues surrounding North Santa Barbara, Gaviota Coast and Santa Ynez vincinity. I really find myself wanting to move and buy property here. Close enough to LA, but far enough away[ … ]

Pinot & Condrieu

1999 Siduri Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands Pisoni Vineyard (California) The Pisoni Vineyard is home to some of the finest Pinot Noir grapes in California. Producers from Ojai, Testarossa, Arcadian[ … ]

Getting Screwed

Screw tops for every bottle of wine under $15? Frederic Koeppel reports on VinExpo the Internatinal Wine Exposition held for the first time in the United States. Where? Jacob Javitz Center in New[ … ]


More professionals point to revamping French Age-Old Wine Laws.. The French Government must accept the radical overhaul to its wine laws proposed in a report by the CAP 2010 group of leading industry[ … ]


Even Wine Can Be Scary at Halloween. Yakima Herald Republic Oct 30 2002 7:08PM ET [Moreover – Wine news]


Cooking with wine: Risotto with Portobello Mushrooms and Red Wine. Seattle Times Oct 30 2002 9:24AM ET [Moreover – Wine news]


1997 White Rock Vineyards Claret, Napa Valley I received this wine as a gift some time ago. I don't know much of the history or the story of this Napa Valley producer. This is the first time[ … ]


“J” La Jota. Howell Mountain. 13th Anniversary Release. Thirteen is lucky. For Bill & Joan Smith who sold the La Jota brand to the owners of Markham just about two years ago, this[ … ]

Merlot. Revisited

Ok. So instead of Syrah, I was compelled to open another bottle of 1999 Merlot.. Was I crazy. Could that Carneros $40 bottle of Mondavi merlot be so bad. Did I just not like the terroir from Carneros[ … ]


I love Syrah.. More and more people are drinking it. Tonight I'll open a bottle of Novy. Look for notes on that later. While my cellar is stacked with cabernet and bordeaux style wines, these[ … ]


Tainted Viognier. Viognier is more susceptible to taint from cork than almost any other grape variety, according to Louisa Rose, winemaker at Yalumba with special responsibility for Viognier…[ … ]

Mondavi. Profit?

Robert Mondavi swings to profit from loss. Winemaker Robert Mondavi Corp. on Thursday posted a quarterly profit compared with a loss a year ago, when wine sales were hit by the aftermath of the Sept[ … ]

1999 Merlot

As I started to lose interest in the world series, I looked to open a bottle of wine to have with my baseball pizza. Soon the TV was changed to watch Gone Withe The Wind and I opened a bottle of 1999[ … ]

Oregon Wine

Oregon Wine. Pinot Noir and Next Economy Thinking. The following excerpt is from a longer article I uncovered at MSNBC/Newsweek that is worth reading. It discusses how innovative thinking is required[ … ]

Israeli Wine

Israel: Golan Heights Hires Top Woman Winemaker. Israel’s world-class Golan Heights Winery has hired one of California’s most celebrated women winemakers as a special consultant…[ … ]