Tuesday Night Wine. <br> What's Yours?

It's Tuesday night. At home I sit alone. A simple chicken dinner with vegetables and a dinner salad. The dilemma floors me when I open the door to my wine cellar. Wine cellar. Hah. I like that[ … ]

Isn’t Time We Wine?

I haven’t blogged about wine in a helluva long time. And tonight as I work on a client project, catching up on blogs and relaxing before catching a dose of Olympics I think it’s important[ … ]

Looking For Chinese Wine.

China. You gotta love this place. The people so industrious yet get out into the countryside and you can see the classic images that have graced the pages of National Geographic and the airwaves of[ … ]

The Latest Trend in French Wine?

So in case you haven't been following The Mollusk, you might have missed the Vin Table Francaîs (French Wine) he sent me to commemorate my safe return from my recent trip to France. Or[ … ]

What’s With Vin Santo?

Altesino has been a familiar name in Brunello di Montalcino since the early 70’s. Their Brunello designated Montosoli Vineyard is consistently highly related, delicious, hard to get and[ … ]

Brunello di Montalcino VIP Style

For me, the true benefits of traveling transcend the history, geography, scenic beauty, the sense of freedom of being “away” and the comeraderie shared with those traveling. Instead[ … ]

Going To Italy

Been trying to tie all loose ends and catch up on work, phone calls, email and blogging. But it’s no use. I’m still behind. If you’ve called, sent an email or otherwise[ … ]

Wine. Wine Wine.

Many regular visitors to the Tavern have asked for more wine notes. And I’ve got to agree. It’s not that I haven’t been embibing in and falling prey to the sensual seduction of the[ … ]

Oklahoma is OK…for frozen pizza or wine?

I stumbled upon this article about farmers trying to stimulate Oklahoma tourism and to leverage its farming heritage. But wine? That's going to be a hard sell. […] compared the forming of[ … ]