Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

simple concept for complex times…. Sitting on a Delta flight somewhere over Arizona or Utah is my guess. No issues getting out of DC this morning. Nice to have the extra evening. My brother[ … ]

Chardonnay & Gatorade

I think Halley Suitt is great. The real thing. Great blend of witty writing, personal insight, humor, some sarcasm and a lot of openess. If you haven’t read her Alpha Male how-to guide and[ … ]

Taste of Hawaii

I wish I was going to Hawaii on Sunday to attend this event. Just give me an excuse….

Every Taste You Take

Legendary British Rocker Sting plans to get into the wine business. According to this article he purchased prime property in Northern Italy and plans to launch a wine under his name. And soon after[ … ]

Be A Better Lover. And Stay Healthy.

More benefits of drinking wine. You'll be healhier than abstainers, according to Duke Universit Study. And, wine drinkers make better lovers. Right now I'm toasting the study with a 1994[ … ]

1996 Elderton Command Shiraz, Australia.

Bad boy extreme. Wow. I was treated to this wine blind. It had been a couple years since I tempted my palate with a shiraz from Elderton. I forget about Australia. But prompted by my post on[ … ]

Spottswoode Tasting. Pinot Provence.

Attended a great tasting of six vintages of Spottswoode Cabernet Sauvignon and its 2001 Sauvignon Blanc this week at one of my favorite fine dining establishments in Orange County: Pinot Provence[ … ]

Congressional Website Is Wine Friendly

Grape power on the Hill – Lawmakers spread the wine gospel. “Wine is bottled poetry.” That quote, by Robert Louis Stevenson, is not the type of thing one expects to find on an[ … ]