Leave My Foot Alone!

So I decided to take a walk along the beach the other day. Trying to be careful not to give my ankle to much flex and being careful not to fall to test the titanium plate and scres in my writst even as I precariously teetered on the rocks above the tide pools, I was committed to not letting the detriment of a broken bone nor taxed ligaments interfere with my active lifestyle.

So taking the easy way along the tide line I took a step and in seconds I felt a jolt rock my body. Ouch. The leg with the bad ankle started to numb slightly. I found myself soon limping more dramatically. Finally I had to sit down. I though I must have stepped on some glass. A Southern California beach curse perhaps> Nope. Looked clean. Then I replayed the scenario in my head. As I felt that jolt of pain I remember seeing something squirming on the sand. Couldn't be a sea urchin. A crab? Doubt it. Dragged my bum leg and battered body over to the sand and I found the culprit. A yellow jacket. Guess he wasn't long for the world as he squirmed and bounced and skid along the sand with each turn of the tide. Little bugger got his last lick — on me.

I hobbled back down he beach and to my care. Guess I shoulda been blogging.

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