Paper or Plastic? When lazy leads to waste.

Time to blog.

So rather than rant, lament or comment on those things that are certainly more important than my random muses here tonight (Tsunami, Iraqi elections, my brother’s birthday today, etc.) I’d rather just blaze into the tavern this evening with a simple comment.

I bought a few miscellaneous items at the local grocery store today. Instead of pushing a cart around the store I opted for one of those plastic hand carry baskets. Keeps me focused on my current needs and gets me into the checkout line (most times the express) quickly and economically.

So a few bananas, oatmeal, fruit and odds and ends (yes, still working on cholesterol lowering strategy) the young lad responsible for bagging my items turns to me and asks “Plastic okay with you sir?”

Sir? Good god. Sir! Well…

“Yes. Plastic is okay.”

I bit my lip as these words leaked from my mouth. I hate those damn plastic bags. He was supposed to give me my option. But I simply reasoned that the boy was lazy, didn’t want to open the bag and would rather stuff items into a series of plastic bags to keep his mind from thinking about the most efficient and product favorable manner of using paper.

The worst part is that my small little hand carried basket which all of my items fit into now required four (4) plastic bags.

Four bags? What a waste.

Yes. I usually am much less passive when a young lad looking to waste rather than think takes the assumptive approach to my bagging preference. “No. I’d rather paper, and could you fit all the items into one bag?” After all, a bachelor rarely fills a shopping cart and as such, items are purchased on an as needed basis. That is, I need these now. Tonight. Yes, there is no toilet paper. You get the idea.

So I walk into my home with four silly plastic bags.

Did I tell you I hate those plastic grocery bags.

Paper, I’m told, is recyclable and eco-friendly. So why not paper?

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