Early Bird Gets The "eye" stuff

In the morning some people roll out of bed and take a shower. Others might turn on the TV for a dose of morning talk. Still others might make a cup of coffee while reading the morning paper. Today, I opened my Mac and tracked a few FedEx packages.

You see I bit the bullet earlier this week. That is, I ordered Apple's new iWork which contains Pages, its new word processing program and Keynote the upgrade to Apple's answer to PowerPoint. Plus, I ordered the upgrade to iLife which includes new versions of iPhoto, GarageBand (now with music notation capability), iDVD and iMovie. These products are not officially available until tomorrow, Saturday January 22, 2005.

This is where the tracking at FedEx intrigued me. Both of these programs were shipped yesterday via FedEx's priority overnight service. This means I should have both programs within the next couple hours. I'm sure I'm not the only Mac enthusiast who will be pleasantly surprised to have a day jump on the latest, newest and coolest stuff.

Suffice to say I probably won't have much time to play. But I'll comfort in the fact that they will be installed on my computer before the hordes line up at the Apple stores nationwide tomorrow not only to buy their versions of iWork and iLife '05, but the new Mac Mini, too.

Have you ordered yours?