The Case of the Moving Icon — Live Streaming in iChat AV

The more I play with iChat and my iSight camera, the more amazed I am. Amazed not only for what it's doing now, but my mind wanders and reminds myself that this is BETA software. It's not even ready for prime time.

I just got pinged by Joi Ito in japan. He found yet another cool applet that adds even more functionality to your iSight camera. Check out his post here. As I was messaging him in a standard text message window his icon was moving. I soon realized that this was LIVE! Live streaming. Amazing. It's courtesy a small application written by Andreas Pardeike called iChat Streaming Icon.

Add this to the back of tricks you can use with iChat including this cool AppleScript that posts the music you're listening to in iTunes under your icon in the buddy list window in iChat.