Apple Slammed With Lawsuits & Apple Slamming Lawsuits On Copycats

I don’t expect that most readers are as interested in the ongoing patent wars that involve Apple, Google, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia and others. But I’ve been following the Samsung conflict with Apple. The issues of the lawsuits and the patent disputes are well beyond any discussion here. For those of you interested feel free to browse the links following this post.

What motivated me today to write this post is a simple graphic that shows Samsugn products before there was an iPhone, and Samsung products before there was an iPad. You be the judge. Do you think that Samsung’s design team was moving in the directions that its current product offering exhibits?


Samsung Has No Breath of Innovation And Copies Anyone and Everyone



Wall Street Journal Article on Apple Suing Samsung

Wired Magazine: Samsung Stop Stealing Our Ideas

Washington Post: Samsung Galaxy Blocked For Sale In Australia

Engadget: Germany Blocks Samsung Galaxy Tab Sale


From my point of view, the copying is obvious in this case—based on the images above. While the nitty gritty of patent lawsuits is more than I care to stomach, as many of these are frivolous and simply designed to extort dollars from truly innovative companies and products, when it comes to clear and blatant rip-offs, I get disgusted. In the end, lawyers of losers win, but winners and innovators, I truly hope, prevail.

Look at the photos. What do you think?