How Does Apple Grab So Much Attention? Always.

201004201823.jpgUnless you’ve been sleeping or simply unaware or uninterested in the world of technology or Apple, you know that gadget website Gizmodo somehow managed to get its hands on what is likely the next (4G) generation of the Apple iPhone. With Apple’s trademark, if not Gestapo-style secrecy it’s hard to imagine someone so careless to lose something treasured and guarded as much as the Hope Diamond or perhaps the Jefferson Bottles. But like those bottles, perhaps there’s a back story with a plot and climax yet to be revealed.

Rumor has it Gizmodo paid $5,000 to those who “found” the phone. Some Apple news sites claim the phone was stolen. If so Gizmodo could be exposed to criminal and civil legal action, should Apple decide to pursue. Or, as some surmise, could this be another clever PR stunt designed to focus media to discussing the impending new device? Nobody at Apple is saying anything. But the pundits are certainly having a field day. And news of the story has hit virtually every mass media outlet in the country.Again, Apple is everywhere. And this, as some have noted, on a day when glowing reviews on the new Android powered device, HTC Incredible, hit the street. Coincidence? Probably.

But we’ll all have to wait until June to see closure to this story when Apple is likely to announce the new device. It’s not that the old device is in trouble. Did you see Apple’s earnings report today? Apple sold nearly 9 million iPhones last quarter. Plus, profits were up 90 percent. In after hours trading I hear the stock kicked up some $20 at one point. Even iPod sales continue to be strong, selling almost 11 million units in three months.

I don’t use my iPod shuffle much these days. Sure, it’s my music player of choice when I’m riding long lonesome highways on my motorcycle. But even when I go to the gym I bring my Shuffle, but rarely crank it up. I’m content listening to the tunes over the sound system when working on weights and machines. And with every cardio machine in the place fitted with its own LCD screen and connected to some 120 channels, I simply pull out my iPhone headphones and plug into the machine. It’s about the only television I ever watch.

But I think there must be something wrong with many of the people going to my gym. Virtually every time I plug my headphone into a unit, the volume is turned up to ear drum piercing levels! Who can watch TV that loud? Or is everyone deaf?


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