iLife '05 and iWork – Initial Impressions.

Well I've installed both iWork and the new iLife '05 and overall I'm mildly excited about the new applications. Why? Well Pages seized up on me after creating a simple layout using one of the Apple templates. When relaunching the program it didn't recover the document like Word does most of the time. Keynote is impressive but I wish they'd improve the outliner. As for iLife '05 the look and feel of iPhoto seems much better and I'm anxious to dig into the program more. Perhaps most interesting to me is iDVD's capability to capture video and burn it to DVD simultaneously. Because sometimes you just want to put raw footage on a DVD to give to someone to review. Not everything we shoot needs to be an editing project. I haven't tried this yet, but will test it sometime next week. And while I haven't to date been a heavy user of GarageBand, I do look forward to experimenting with the music notation capability.

For those of you who don't care about this Macintosh stuff, I'm sure soon enough I'll be writing about wine, music or travel very soon. Next trip? I'm gearing up for Costa Rica in the spring. Watch out!

And those of you who missed the posts from last week, BlogLet was down again (what a suprise) so I hope you go back and scroll down.