Time To Switch?

Order Your Mac Mini

Okay. So you thought I was kidding when in my last post I asked if you'd ordered your new Mac Mini. But no. I'm serious. I saw one the other day. And for those Digital Tavern readers who laboriously struggle through their days reading these and other pages on Windows-based system, your liberation is here. And it's not going to cost you that much. Plus, you get to keep your keyboard, your monitor and those things that might still provide you with sentimentality of those days when you did have your cuddly little Windows computer close by.

Walt Mossberg the typically hardball technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal says “If my e-mail from readers is any indication, more Windows users are thinking of switching to Apple Computer's Macintosh models than at any time in a decade.” I'd have to agree. In fact, this could be just the thing to get my dad to finally own his first macintosh — though that would mean he'd have to return my phone calls, which would be a miracle in itself.