Massive Audio CD Conversion Project Underway.

I've finally done it. Well. Committed to it, anyway. I'm converting all of my 1,200+ music CDs to digital files — AAC's (at 192k for those who care). My old G4 Cube will become an audio/music server. I'll still keep 800 CDs online in two Sony 400 disc changers. These still can be operated via the headless (no monitor) Cube using Timbuktu when I really feel like being anal about audio quality. I used Dick Dinkelspiel's excellent TitleTrack Jukebox software which allows complete control in an iTunes like interface of Sony CD-changers that incorporate Sony's S-Link control. Dick has been beta testing the new OS X version. Used by many audiophiles and businesses that play large quantities of CDs (bars, clubs, restaurants etc), TitleTrack Jukebox is the easiest way to inventory your CDs stored in these Sony changers by accessing CDDB. Plus, it actually uploads artists and album information to the Sony changers.

CDs converted to date: 388. I'm still a long way off.