She Takes It All Off For Her Thesis

Did you go to grad school? If so, chances are you spent a great deal of time, thinking, obsessing and ultimately preparing and writing your thesis. Katherine Frank went to grad school, too. But like many grad students, she needed a way to finance her education. But for full-time students a job can dilute the effort needed to truly focus energy on one's thesis. So Kate figured a way to pull the divergent energies together. She became a stripper. Yes. She took her clothes off to cheesy rock songs while thirsty men plunked currency into her garter.

And she wrote her thesis about. Virginia Vitzthum interviewed Kate and writes about Kate's unusual thesis in Kate interviewed 30 of her “regular customers” and turned her thesis into a new book called “G-Strings and Sympathy: Strip Club Regulars and Male Desire.”

[…] In the strip club, nudity is a costume. Some of the quest for authenticity that the customers were on was a result of this — they wanted to see that final costume drop away […]

I'm quite sure Kate isn't the first to explore the underworld of the seedy and the high-end strip club scene. But I got to hand it to Kate for her tenacity, openness and frankness (ok, I couldn't resist) in her fulfilling her grad school requirements.

Now the question is, did Kate do an assessment on whether her regulars would qualify as Alpha Males per Halley's ongoing and excellent guide. Or, perhaps frequent customers may be visiting the tittie bars at night but cruising the Reverse Cowgirl's Blog and links by day. Who has the anonymous stripper blog? And who's writing the addicted strip bar junkie blog? See. Lots of opportunities for new blogs.

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