More Skype Stuff.

So ever since learning how hot Stuart found Skype and the ensing mad rush for the hundreds of thousands minions to reserve their Skype handles. And discovering Dina has been making connections from Pakistan to Patagonia via Skype, I can safely bet VoIP has never seen such a thrust of energy. In the “old days” greedy types would be begging for first dibs on the IPO.

The other think I've noticed about my brief mention of Skype here in The Digital Tavern, is that I'm getting loads of traffic from the search engines. I can imagine what Stuart's referral numbers must look like.

So with all the hype about Skype, what I feared most was true. There's no Mac version. And that's too bad. So folks like Liz, Joi, Doc, Mollusk, and countless others simply can sit this out. Or, we can wait and see. Fact is, we're on the sidelines. Skype promises a Mac and Linux version but gives no dates.

So enjoy your skype. I hope to join you when they release a solid version for OS X.