The Saga of Lost Posts

– originally posted at The Digital Tavern on April 9, 2003 –

Unfortunately due to the multiple levels of migration I've put myself through and the bad sectors on the old hard drive, I've lost about a dozen or so posts here in the Digital Tavern. And while I have backups of the rendered XML files, I have yet to figure out how to repost them back to my weblog to appear on the actual date I originally posted them. Contributing to my frustration is the fact I lost some great comments from you. To be sure, the comments are stored on the HaloScan comment server, I'm not sure that when I repost the old entries if they'll have the same “post ID” and therefore those comments may not get relinked. If this is the case, I'll see what it takes to manually transfer the old comments to the new HaloScan “post ID”. All this is to say, I'm working on it. Really working on it.