Where does all the time go?

And Then There's Multimedia (remember that word)

Also, I've been experimenting with iDVD and the DVD burner I purchased from OWC and using the DVD-enabler that apparently Apple asked them to stop selling.

After nearly five months I've re-booted my Blog. Thanks for tuning in. Since May much has happened here in Southern California. The least of which is the return to the cool evening weather, turtle skies and tourist-free beaches.

On the Mac front, I've just installed Jaguar. In a word – amazing. The performance boost on my TiBook 667 is worth the price of admission alone. And the integration of the Address Book, Mail, iChat and now iSync is fantastic, if not scary. I haven't left the dependency of Entourage, though. But it's only a matter of time. I've noticed that iSync only works with Palm OS versions 4.x or something. While I'm using my Kyocera SmartPhone that unfortunately has a 3.x of Palm and not upgrade capable. Why is that?

Another pain in my silicon has been the installation of my favorite application – Final Cut Pro -. Now on the recommendation of many, I wiped my hard disk clean with new partition and all for Jaguar. Reinstalling Final Cut turned out to be a challenge. Final Cut it turns out needs a system 9.2 system folder for installation. So mcuh for leaving the legacy of system 9 behind…


Focus. Too often we are seduced by opportunity and the fear of opportunity lost. So we try to keep too many doors open. The result is the inability fo focus and direct one's best efforts toward a singular opportunity. Some of us find it hard to make a choice. I've seen many companies try to be all to all. This is a recipe for disaster. In some cases this is simply the lack of concensus in a single and unified corporate (or product for that matter) message. More on this in future posts.

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