YouTube On The Prowl

I’ve got a few video composites from my motorcycle trip around the world posted on my WorldRider account on YouTube. About a week ago I received a notification from YouTube, ironically the message was in Portuguese, that my “Riding Bolivia” piece included copyrighted material and that it had been blocked from further playback:

Prezado(a) worldrider,

Vídeo desativado

Um detentor de direitos autorais afirmou que possui parte ou todo o conteúdo de áudio do seu vídeo Ride The River – Motorcycling in Bolivia O conteúdo de áudio identificado em seu vídeo é Ride The River de J. J. Cale & Eric Clapton. Infelizmente a reprodução de seu vídeo foi bloqueada devido a problemas com os direitos das músicas.

Substituir seu áudio com o AudioSwap

Não se preocupe, temos muitas músicas disponíveis para você. Visite nossa biblioteca do AudioSwap para aprender como é fácil substituir o áudio de seu vídeo por qualquer faixa de nossa biblioteca de músicas totalmente licenciadas.

Outras opções

Se você acha que houve um engano ou se tiver outras dúvidas, visite a página Aviso de direitos autorais em sua conta.


Equipe de identificação de conteúdo do YouTube

You see I probably uploaded this video while traveling through the Amazon in Brazil, or something like that. While my Portuguese is a bit rusty, it was easy to get the gist of YouTube’s message. I had included a short segment of J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton’s Ride the River because it was a perfect sound track to that 2 minute piece of edited video. This wasn’t used for commercial purposes nor was it the complete song. But I used YouTube’s Audio Swap feature and replaced the song with one of the songs that YouTube offered as free of copyright infringement problems.

To be sure I found that all of these videos used the same song and currently appear to be still available for viewing on YouTube:

Today I received another Portuguese message regarding another video also shot in Bolivia and also using a short segment from the “Road To Escondido” album by J.J. & Eric. And I too replaced the video with another less aurally exciting piece from YouTube’s library.

At first I wondered if YouTube was seaching Keywords of artists as I had used J.J. & Eric’s name and the song name in the first video identified. But the second video has no tags nor names of these artists in the description. So I wonder if YouTube is using a Shazam like monitor on the tracks on the videos posted?

While I understand the issues regarding copyrigth and the laws that govern intellectual property and copyrights, but I think this is going a bit far. Are they worried that someone is going to suck the audio track from a video and pirate the digital data, or simply load it on their iPod? I wonder if this is a new effort by YouTube brought on by a court settlement or if the owner of this copyright truly singled out material on YouTube and requested that YouTube remove the infringing material. No matter what, they’ve come down on “little ole me,” what about you?

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