Treating Wanderlust With Live Music

Seems that the only traveling I find myself doing these days is either up and down the California coast. While my return to trip to Israel in December was an exception, I discovered this week that[ … ]

YouTube On The Prowl

I’ve got a few video composites from my motorcycle trip around the world posted on my WorldRider account on YouTube. About a week ago I received a notification from YouTube, ironically the[ … ]

What About The Pig?

Years ago I saw Pink Floyd play live at Madison Square Garden. The real Pink Floyd, that is. The band that contained all members — especially the brain child of the band, Roger Waters. I was a[ … ]

It’s All About Cash

Several years ago during the dawn of the internet I was asked to speak at a conference in Prague for the European Journalism Network. At the time my brother Jon was a working journalist in New York[ … ]

Converting Those Ancient CDs

If you've been following, I'm currently converting my massive CD collection into digital format. It's been going on for days, almost weeks. But anyway, I'm currently at 11,477[ … ]

Dina & SYD

Ok. I’m going out on a limb now. But Dina. Yeah, you know. The infamous gal behind the “Conversations with Dina” is not only a marketing magnate, but she’s a legend with great[ … ]

Floydian Slip & DSM IV

Oh my god. You know I pulled Christopher Locke off my blogroll months ago. I admit I was taken back by his whimsical and fearless writing, no nonsense sensibility of marketing concepts and ideals and[ … ]

What’s Next for iPod & Music

Associated Press has more on Apple's, as of yet unannounced and unconfirmed, foray into an online pay-for-music venture that would integrate with Apple's iPod and iTunes products. The LA[ … ]


I'm not sure this is the best way to fight, disagree, unleash anger or resent the RIAA.