Blog. Wash. Blog. Dry. Another Day.

Light blogging today and the last few days. Been cranking on some tight deadlines for projects for my favorite and very important clients. Should be able to pick up with more blog content later this week.

Today I had to do what you should only have to do once, maybe twice in one's adult life: buy a washer and dryer. For all that I love about technology, these common appliances, for the most part, haven't changed in years. Sure a microprocessor chip here, and LED read out there. But funtionality remains the same. I got sucked into this Calypso thing from Whirlpool. I guess Sears owns Whirlpool? Or they've licensed this technology (and I'm using this word loosely) to Whirlpool. Instead of a center spindle that turns and twists your clothes to wash them, this Calypso thing shoots sudsy water and extremely high pressure from the top of the tub container, down through the clothes. And no spinning, this thing rocks back and forth — hence like a Calypso dance. You gotta love these marketing guys. No need to set the water level, it auto senses and sets levels based on exact load. As for the companion dryer? It auto senses the dampness of clothes and supposedly turns off when things are dry. I'll believe all this stuff when I see it. They deliver it on Wednesday. Oh. And the hot tip for this type of appliance: I bought it at Sears Outlet Store in Santa Ana, California. Probably will find one near you, if you find yourself needing a major appliance. Anyway, the units here are just lined up in a huge warehouse. Most have scratches, minor (even major) dents, were returns due to wrong size or whatever. My pick of the litter has a scratch here or there. Minor cosmetic flaws. But who cares. My laundry room isn't where we'll be hanging out when you come by to visit. I saved more than 30% and still get a full warranty. Good deal. But that's as much as I ever want to disuss, write or talk about W&D appliances.