The More That Things Change. The More They Stay The Same.

Plus A Blogging Tip For WordPress Bloggers – Timing and Scheduling Blog Posts

The Original Digital Tavern Blog - Hosted By Radio Userland 2001

The Original Digital Tavern Blog - Hosted By Radio Userland 2001

I’ve been writing about blogs and blogging for ten years. Before “social media” evolved to its current status as an overused and mostly misunderstand “word or phrase du jour”, I was espousing the benefits of using blogs as a business or corporate marketing too. And to dive back into the archives while we celebrate ten years of The Digital Tavern and blogging, my series on blogging as a business tool is still relevant. In 2003 I wrote “It’s Time For Marketing To Embrace Weblog Concepts & Technologies“. This created a stir in the blogsphere back then as business tried to grapple with the burgeoning, and still yet to be ubiquitous, internet as media or communication channel. To further bring clarity to my view, I wrote:

“…the visionary CEO would better serve his internal and external audiences through leveraging what make blogs so tasty and addictive — the human element and the regular updating. Top that off with two-way feedback mechanism (commenting, trackbacking etc.). The result is a tool that strengthens relationships, fosters communication and creates a kind of bond…”

Yeah. Social media. Things have evolved, but the goals and objectives of business remain the same. The tools have changed. The channels have changed. A couple years ago, business was trying to figure out if and how they should use Facebook. Before that, Twitter. Today, it’s Pinterest. Today I sit on a social media committee of the National Speakers Association(NSA). I’ve been asked to deliver a series on simple but effective social media tips—applicable to business and professional speakers. Because blogs and an important component in a social media (or any) marketing mix, my first tip was delivered from the sunny beach of San Diego and focused on blogs. Whether or not you blog, I think you’ll find the post and use of video as a social media tool to be interesting. Enjoy.
Enjoy this social media tip and the digital marketing advice and tools provided in these regular updates.

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