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Stuart notes that Blogging Artistry yields nothing when googled. Though I see a comment on Noah Grey’s old blog mentions the artistry of blogging. Not sure if I’d categorize Noah’s new site as a blog. But who says a blog must contain words?

Wood S Lot today pays homage to Rabindranath Tagore‘s birthday (today) and points to this “translation” of art or artistry. Does this blog post qualify as artistry or is the author simply using his blog as a sketch pad for to work out his ideas?

About a year ago Stavros wrote this about his blog, his writing:

[…] I’ll fight to the fucking death arguing that the defining aspects of my writing here (or Golby’s or AKMA’s or Shelley’s or Jonathon’s or Eeksy’s or that of multitudes of others) are not Time Stamps or Permalinks . Lead, damn it, or get out of the way. […]

Jonathan’s translation in a comment on his blog:

[…] I see now that Stavros is suggesting an alternative blogging paradigm: blogging as art, rather than blogging as reportage. […]

In January, Reverse Cowgirl posted an open call to find perhaps what Stavros referred to as the New Tribes (as opposed to the “Old Blog Guard”, or “A-Listers” for the event she inspired “Live From the Blogosphere” held in LA’s Chinatown in February.

[…] i would like to find someone who is alternoblogging, vlogging, audioblogging, moblogging, blogging-as-art [link?], photoblogging, blogging with no words whatsoever ever, blogging in a newish way that pushes at the boundaries of the medium […]

Look closely at the above pull-quote. At the time, Suzannah (Reverse Cowgirl) had no reference or link for “blogging-as-art”. Would it make sense to categorize [insert any blogger’s name here] as art, reporting, science or other? Or would this be too constrictive — for the blogger as well as the reader in search of something specific? I noticed that Blogshares has added a feature that indexes or categorizes blogs listed on its fantasy blog-as-equity stock game. Currently there are 9 blogs listed under the Art Category which has 19 subcategories. At the time of this writing the Politics category contains the most blogs [24] listed with Pets and Animals [21] running a close second. I’m sure only a fraction of the blogs listed have been categorized. But it seems those passionate about politics and pets are the most eager to categorize their blogs. Interesting. Yet, to my earlier post, categorizing (and adherence to that category) would bring clarity and focus to some blogs. But is that the goal? The point?

Do I dare break my blog roll into two or three categories? I think not — for now. Because in many ways I believe a Blog is organic. Living. Taking on life. Emerging. Blogs grow as their authors’ grow to learn to leverage, explore and discover the medium. And while blogging shouldn’t be about the tools used, it’s the authors’ discovery, experimentation and implementation of tools that help refine or develop his/her art — or craft.

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