Blogging in the Future.

Halley has an interesting post that aggregates much of the talk about what's a blog. I've blogged on the topic a bit. What I think is interesting is Halley's comment about the coming age of the audio/video blog:

Blogs are embarrassingly textual and visual now, but will soon be audio/video. Don't hold it against them. They're trying to get there asap. You will hear them talking soon. Yes, that A/V guy who was a putz in 8th grade will be king. Just get used to it

My good friend, illustrator extroadinaire and flash magnate tells me blogging just isn't for him.

[…]that is all too confusing […]

He's visual. Yet he'll listen to talk radio, watch Letterman and draw pretty pictures. Then there's my Uncle Ron who I introduced to the world of blogging and requests humbly:

[…] I was unaware of this treasure trove of idea sharing, and have just come from visiting for the first time […] will try to print it out  (hate reading things on the monitor — gettin' old, i guess) […]  

[…]  is it possible you could design the site to offer a Printable Version?  Actually, not necessary for me, cuz i just copy and paste it into Word and edit out the stuff i don't need […] good work.

There are many like him that just don't want to read on the web. I can only imagine as blogs evolve the audience will grow. There's still hope for me that Johnee Bee will read mine and other blogs.

I've been trying to add visuals to my posts without hogging up bandwidth. Pictures, sound and graphics do help tell a story. So stay tuned.

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