Bloggity Blog and How To Find An Old Friend

The amazing thing about my blog is the fact that I've been “uncovered” or “found” by a number of friends who I've not spoken to in years. This is kinda an undocumented feature or benefit of blogging. Of course, if you're into alternate realities, pseudonyms or are a graduate from the FBI's School of Protected Witnesses this simply wouldn't matter.

So last week my face stretched obtusely with a smile as I lit up and reveled in the great feeling when you hear from someone that made some sort of impact on your life. The email had a subject line that read “can't believe I found you here!”. Over the next few days we caught up over email. Reminisced about the past, talked about the future and the events that led each of us to where we are today. Managed to dream about our possible pasts and the potential of our future. Soon the conversation moved offline to the telephone. Exchanges our words for voices. And how the internet and my blog made this possible.

Just a few days later I received another email through The Digital Tavern, my blog. This one came from one of my first clients when I hung my first shingle for my ad agency in Orange County. We chatted and then made plans to meet a watering hole we used to frequent in those early days. The days where we'd chow on bar food, drink pitchers of draft beer and throw darts. Walking into Malarky's we both remarked that it seemed to smell more like beer than it ever did before. And the large screen project television was fuzzy and out of focus and must had been the same one from 10 years ago. The next day we both agreed and committed to replacing the beer soaked Irish bar, beer and television with a modern steak house, good bottle of wine and live music.

How do they find The Digital Tavern? They google me. An these are just two very recent and very closely connected events. This has happened before. And will happen again. So cool.

I've tried to google some old friends. Found some, lost others. Why not take a moment out the day and try to find an old friend. Maybe he or she has a blog. Maybe you'll find an article from a small local newspaper celebrating his triathlon win or community service. Who knows.

I did just that. Looked for an old roommate from college. No blog. But did find such a newspaper article. I went to the White Pages in Sherlock on my Mac and found his address. No email. No phone. But an address. So I scanned an old drunken photo of our college days, printed it and sent it in the mail with a CD burned from iTunes featuring some of the music I'm listening to today. I dropped in the mail yesterday. I wonder what kind of impact it'll make when it lands in his mailbox? I hope the same kind of smile and warm feeling I got after Brad found my blog.

So go ahead. Take a chance. Reach out and find an old friend. Make their day.