Bloglet Tips For Digital Tavern Subscribers

If the link to a post doesn’t work from your bloglet update email, simply go directly to the DT homepage.

I’ve received a few notes from subscribers over the past few weeks about bad links in the bloglet subscriber updates. For some reason my weblog software (Radio) doesn’t create or changes the permalink (a link directly to a specific article/post). So when the link is included in the Bloglet e-mail and you click on it you may get a page not found (404) error. No worries. If the article summary appears in your email it’s definitely on the homepage, so simply go there.

If you are not currently a Digital Tavern subscriber, perhaps now is the time to sign up. I promise you’ll only get e-mail when I post a new article to the Digital Tavern and your e-mail address is secure and not used for any other purpose. To subscribe simply enter your email on the simply submit form in the right column of the home page.