Borrowing A Bit of Broadband Thanks To Open WiFi Networks

Catching up on my blog reading this evening while I adjust to NYC time, I found an interesting new “cellphone” from Sony thanks to John Robb. But as John suggests such new gadgets could lead to regulation of WiFi networks. So the guy or company who's running an open Linksys access point here at 14th Street and Fifth Avenue that I'm borrowing to post this entry could go to jail for running an open network. I'm not running a crystal ball here, but I hope John is wrong.

VoIP Regulation?

Keven Werbach today has a post that may swing the pendulum in favor of regulation. While not WiFi related it does cross the boundaries with FCC exploring VoIP regulation. Hot on the news that AT&T and others will begin offering non-POTS VoIP telephone service to complete with Time Warner and others who have also announced VoIP telephone service. Now it gets interesting.

And all of this on the heels of my conversations using Apple's iSight camera and iChat software connecting with friends in NYC, Sacramento and Washington, DC.