Words Worth More Than 1,000’s of Pictures?

Interesting. After a couple image/picture-free medium length posts here on the Digital Tavern I’ve received a few email and comments regarding the lack of photography. While away in Mexico, Italy and a trip through Wyoming, Idaho and Utah, I posted medium and longer length posts enhanced with photographs of other graphical devices. The comments were from readers remarking about the difference or asking for more.

I’ve thought about whether I should include photos and imagery or simply let the words create the pictures. I love photography and am a bit of a snob when it comes to graphic design and typography. Do I want the words to stand on their own? Or, do I succumb to the old adage we’d lament in the ad business: nobody reads copy. In fact, the popularity of blogs proves among many things that people are eager to read and write.

So do you like the photos? The writing? Combo? Or just consistent content. Because that’s the other issue I deal with when thinking of my blog. I tend to want something good or great to say with each post. No time for mediocrity. So with the subtle pressure I put on myself, I tend to opt out of writing on a given day. Many bloggers would simply fill the space with words to communicate the fact that the blog is still active. Because blogs have come under fire in the press recently. Some researchers have reported high percentage of orphaned or abandoned blogs. And while I’m sure there’s a lot of drift wood in the blog wasteland, I find that blogs keep getting better. Whether political or critical, personal of purposeful, prosaic or photographic the blogging bar has been raised over the last 6 months. Quality & quantity.

New York is chilly yet sunny. Love it.