Countdown to Trackback.

A little blog technology business for a quick post, if you don't mind. I see that Dave, Jake and the crew at UserLand Software have finally implemented trackback into Radio. Radio is the blogging tool/software that I use here on The Digital Tavern. And trackback is a technology originally implemented by Mena and Ben Trott, the folks that developed Moveable Type, another blogging software/tool.

As I sit with my t-mobile access here in a Starbucks in Napa, I am not in the mindset to mess with my blog's templates just yet. But by the end of this week I'll incorporate trackback. Trackback will allow me and you the ability to see who else in the blogosphere is commenting, referring or linking to a specific Digital Tavern post. Dina, who also uses Radio, has implemented it into her blog and hopes to find it as a useful “bridge to more conversations!”

Liz, on the other hand, is a master of Moveable Type. So much in fact that she is customizing a Moveable Type installation as an open source alternative to courseware for a class she's teaching at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Until I implement trackback here, unfortunately Liz and Dina won't know that I'm “talking about them” here in the Tavern. Of course, I know they make frequent visits and will discover this in due time. But the beauty of trackback is that this post will ping both Liz and Dina's weblogs and they'll know almost instantly that I've added to their “conversations.” Cool.

Of course, those of you using MT have experienced this “coolness” for perhaps a year. But as Radio may have lagged, the adage goes, better late than never. Though it appears that Liz is getting multiple pings from Radio users so there may be some other technical issues that need to be addressed. (since posting Jake has fixed this).