Diggin' On The Tavern!

Thank you.

Wow. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Thanks for the responses to my post yesterday. Those who have commented here in the Tavern and those who've opted to send me an email through this blog.

It's going to keep on keeping on. What's that mean? Good god. The blog. While I traipse around this glorious planet I'm committed to sharing those observations which I hope you'll find interesting.

Soon I'll make a transcontinental journey to Washington DC. After all, the two most beautiful women in my life find that mucky swamp home. WHo might they be? Emily and Anna. My two nieces. They're seven and four years old. The fact that my brother is aching to dig into his cellar and pull out a couple bad boys has nothing to do with the trip. Nor does the fact that my first and truest travel partner Dr. Tim Amos will make the trek from NYC for a J.J. Cale concert and a good bottle of Vin Santo has nothing to do with the current state of my wanderlust. Nope. It's those girls. Perhaps they'll model those cute Chinese outfits I sent them from my China adventure.

Meanwhile, I've got tales of the Li Jiang River. The bamboo raft. And the enterprising local Chinese. More later.