Digital Tavern Subscribers: Bloglet Back? Time to Move Off Radio Userland?

It appears that the Bloglet Digital Tavern updates are working again. You should’ve received an update in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I’m not sure why the service has been so sporadic and buggy. But while most you subscribers weren’t getting notices, as author of this blog I received a notice for each of my posts in August. If you care and have missed anything jump here and scroll threw the posts this month.

If you haven’t subscribed to this Blog take a moment and pop your email address in the form in the right column. You’ll get a short email every time I post a new entry. Or for those of you with newsreaders you can simply subscribe by copying this link into your newsreader or you can set up a Bloglines account.

I do hope that Bloglet is now more stable and consistent. If you haven’t had good luck with Bloglet you can use BlogMail by entering your email address in here and click “keep it fresh.” (note there is an authentication email you’ll need to respond to)
Or, should I simply migrate the Digital Tavern to a new blog platform that has better communications features? That’s a discussion for another day. Anyone using Expression Engine? Very interesting. Or do I bite the bullit and just move to Moveable Type? Decisions.