Sharing The Blogs.

This week I received three gifts of Blogshares from bloggers who I didn't know and to blogs I've never visited. One of the generous bloggers, Lago, has an interesting perspective on his recent gift giving spree. Lago granted me a number of shares of G33k, Louis Martin gave me shares of Six Different Ways and this morning Gaspar gave me a share of AKMA — unlike the other blogs, AKMA is one I read on a somewhat regular basis. Thanks for your generous gifts.

The cool thing about these gifts is it did create a diversion in my regular blog reading pattern. Though, Louis — dude — get writing your blog. In the meantime, check out these new blogs. Explore those in my blogroll. And if you haven't been to the Digital Tavern lately, you'll find that in the last couple days I've made up for some lost time, so read on!