Sleeping With A Blogger?

Ok. Maybe you're just dating. Friends? How about a business associate? Read on for the latest in mainstream press on blogging.

Me? Today blogging from a friend's wireless hot spot her in Northern California. Decided to make a road trip for this Napa excursion. Cruising the infamous 5 freeway yesterday I kept myself entertained with great music, watching the other drivers with their hands out the window playing with the wind and smelling the wafts of onion and other aroma from the endless convoy of agricultural transports trucks.

Gotta run, but check out this article in the New York Times today by Warren St. John titled “Dating A Blogger, Reading All About It”. This article features bloggers Rick Bruner, Heather Armstrong, David Weinberger and Nick Denton.

Many bloggers have used their blogs to open up to the vast internet audience aspects of their lives that perhaps should be kept private. Do they do this simply because they're exhibitionists, want to be the center of attention, build traffic or simply bored? Just more proof that blogs are getting more and more ink in the 'traditional' media all the time. And if you end up dating a blogger, you may want to draft a letter of agreement defining just what aspects of the relationship should remain intimate and which should be open for the world and your 'closest' friends who typically are invited to comment. Ah. The life of a blogger.