SuperNova. Decentralized ThinkTanking?

I've been following the massive amount of blogging and trackbacking going on at SuperNova. Joi Ito is there. So is Doc. As I am, Halley and Liz are closely monitoring the blogging from the comfort of our own decentralized blogospace. In retrospect, I wish I'd gone. So many exciting, passionate and intelligent people — most of them bloggers. You can check out the group Weblog here. The brainchild of Keven Werbach, SuperNova explores the inevitable decentralization of business, lifestyle and information.

What excites me is to see these smart people from disparate groups and organizations experimenting, exploring and leveraging new and even forgotten technologies. The result is the genesis of a community of collaborators who ultimately add value to the function and implementation of these technologies. In effect, this community acts as a virtual and decentralized think tank. Then sub communities are splintered off to explore and focus on applications of these technologies or processes. The way I figure this is also why SuperNova is a great name for the event. A star that explodes is both an end and a beginning. The ideas exploding dove tail into smaller, yet growing groups where ideas are nurtured, improved upon and ultimately utilized by business, education, other organizations and government.