The Trouble With Tony.

Have you ever been to Tony Pierce's busblog? I've blogrolled him (the links in the left column titled “Read These”) for nearly six months. Why? Because Tony is creative. He writes in a conversational nearly stream of consciousness tone. But its not only his writing that's creative, it's his thinking and ideas. Provocative photos. And interesting fund raising.

But the trouble with Tony is he's been riding the bus to get around LA – which by the way takes creativity just to figure out the LA bus system – a city where your car is king. But could his bus riding may be the foundation of his creative expression?

We'll see. Because Tony wants a car. That's why sometime last year after realizing a brisk spike in visitors to his blog that Tony figured he's ask for donations. I think he called it the Tony Pierce car fund. Great idea. But it looks like his rate of return on his quest would take more than 3 years to yield enough dollars to buy a car. Let's make a mental note to check his blog out after he's had a new set of wheels for awhile.

There's no question. Tony's creativity and work has made me smile, wonder and even wander in the past. True, he admits nothing he writes is true. But I wonder. He's received letters from George Bush and Tiger Woods. He's hung out with the prettiest girls in LA. HE even got the shit beat out of him by a young girl's father in a Las Vegas motel room. He even has good taste in music — even if only under guise of a third party poltical statement. You just never know with Tony.

Visiting Tony's site every day I kinda feel like the guy passing a panhandler on the street while avoiding eye contact at all cost. Clutching my loose change with purpose. No. Tony's not a panhandler. But you gotta admire his ambition. And his ambition does not solely relate to his efforts in getting a stipend or tip from people who enjoy a daily does of Tony. Nope. it goes way beyond. Tony has long desired a position as a writer at the LA Times. And he's not afraid to admit it. Problem is, they haven't called him in for an interview. Yet in his defiance of the LA Times' lack of sense, Tony admits that even a job at the paper might not offer him the opportunity to do what he loves — to write freely. So he does just that every day. On his weblog. After all, isn't that what 'blogs' are all about? His rewards might not be as financially attractive writing for busblog as they might be with The Times. But what's the price of freedom anyway?

Good for Tony asking readers to pony a little for Tony.

It's not like he's asking for something for nothing. Tony delivers. Every day. Tony even published a book last winter celebrating the first anniversary of his busblog. Made up largely of a collection of his first year posts, he published it himself. For those faint of reading long weblog posts, Tony's book is your cure for the tactile feeling you only can get cuddling up on the coach reading or simply an alternative to run of the mill “on the can” reading.

So take a ride over to Tony's busblog. If you like what you read perhaps you would contribute to his car fund. Or, maybe even buy his book. All else, you could make a donation. Maybe I'll join you. Pony for Tony?

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