Wake Up.

Today I woke up. Was a good start. Day like any other day. Well. In Southern California the last few days we’ve been hit by badly needed rain. The wind whips up his force, tossing tree branches, blowing whats left of leaves and shaking those long neck palms, hanging traffic lights and ubiquitous BIG green road signs. Yep. A veritable monsoon. I love it.

But the real storm is happening 3,000 miles away and in every living room across the country. Washington DC and television. Well, just about every media. Even the internet. So when I launched a news page this morning I see Big Cheese Rumsfeld waving his arm in the air with a bolded subtitle, “Nuclear Bomb Not Ruled Out Against Iraq”. My jaw drops. I cannot believe what I’m reading. Phone rings. It’s my brother. He’s just interviewed Bloomberg on the Lexington Line subway. He gets interrupted. Tells me New York fears cyanide attack. Yesterday we’re told North Korea has nukes pointing at us. Nothing like whipping the country up in a little fear fervor, huh? Oh. That’s right. Osama has reared his ugly head again. What perfect timing. Could a better script be written? And the office workers are concerned about Joe Millionaire’s fateful decision and the fallout to come upon his fessing up the truth. This is just great. And this is why I’m excited about joining the Emergent Democracy discussions. Exciting times.

So rather than ranting, I’ll point you to Mitch Ratcliffe who also has similar observations and a good idea He’s got another blog here.

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