Floydian Slip & DSM IV

Oh my god. You know I pulled Christopher Locke off my blogroll months ago. I admit I was taken back by his whimsical and fearless writing, no nonsense sensibility of marketing concepts and ideals and his wacky sense of timing. But he dropped off the scene for awhile, never returned any of my more than 10 emails and his lack of consistency in taking his ‘meds’ took its toll on his blogger as rockstar syndrome. A fraction of the blogger he used to be. I mean the guy has issues. But who doesn’t it. He’s brilliant when he’s on. And when not. Well, you can take a guess.

So when I stumbled onto his comparison of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb with the bible of psychology, pscyopharmacology and psychiatry DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV), I was taken back. Rage Boy was back. Well. Almost. Perhaps I was just a bit jaded by subject matter.

Anyone who knows me knows that in the past I’ve been a bit evangelical about the music of Roger Waters and his alma mater Pink Floyd. But you gotta love Locke’s Floydian analysis. So I won’t rage on about this any further. instead, I point you to the Rage Boy post. And urge you to post your comments here. No matter what, it’s amusing, fun and well, it’s Locke.

photo: crowd cheering Roger Waters or is it Christopher Locke? In Budapest June 2003.

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