April Nineteenth. A Day To Travel.

It’s late. And it’s April 19th. Does the date ring a bell. Bells? Anything?

Ok. Well it’s historic for a number of things. Good and bad.

So here goes:

1) Lexington & Concord – The first shots of the revolutionary war were fired.

2) Waco Texas – Fire and more shots fired.

3) Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing.

So this is the date I choose to fly…

I’m still crossing things off my to do list. Getting ready for yet another journey. This time to Hong Kong and mainland China. A bit of business with some adventure thrown in. All of it a big discovery. I’ve travelled throughout Southeast Asia extensively. But this trip marks my first to Hong Kong and China. And this, of course, is very exciting.

There are a lot of other exciting things these days. And while I’ve got much to write, as the clock ticks down and thoughts of long security lines at the airport tomorrow weight heavy on my head, I’ll keep this short. But with nearly 20 hours of flying tomorrow, I hope to find some time to catch up on a number of topics.

Early out of John Wayne Airport where I’ll fly to SFO. In SFO I’ll connect with Bryan who’ll be my partner in travel and discovery on this stint. We fly together to Hong Kong.

Check into The Digital Tavern. I’ll try to keep the travelblog running in full force. And technicolor.