Are you going or traveling?

Seems that the Digital Tavern sees most activity (my writing) when I travel. Though I still try to keep up and provide insight and musings on music, wine, macintosh and whatever else inspires me. But it's the traveling the keeps me fresh, opens my eyes and infuses my spirit while stimulating my creativity. There's a difference between going somewhere and traveling somewhere, even nowhere.

Traveling. I've made my mind up to travel even more. Explore and discovery the world. Learn more about our planet and myself. But I've diverged.

What's travel to you? Vacation or holiday. Sitting on a beach with an umbrella drink, climbing a volcano or trekking remote village of a distant land? Have you heard of someone complaining that their vacation was too much and they need to take a vacation from their vacation? Or something like that? I can't understand it. Yea, there's a cold turkey I go through when I return from a journey. My anecdote is planning for the next. Seems to work.

What works for you? Where's your next travel destination? And how long will it be?

I learned today that Liz is taking a year sojourn. Though Liz looks at this as a temporary relocation. I might see it as a journey. Travel but not traveling, perhaps. Yet new experiences nonetheless. She'll spend a year in the Pacific Northwest. What a terrific opportunity. I wish her luck and enlightenment in wherever it may be dark. Though I guess Rochester and Seattle are pretty close to the same amount of sunless days. A newfound nugget for me. Joi. I think he's the only person I know who criss-crosses the glove more than I do. New Delhi, Taiwan, Argentina. Busiest and most productive person I know — never ceases to amaze me in his perceptions, contacts and activities.